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AEP Questions and Answers

This is a collection of questions that are most frequently asked of the AEP Office. They are organized by topic area and will be updated as needed.

NOVA Reporting Dates

This will be an annual process starting this year, which will continue each year.

Yes – make sure you have used the drop down menu to report on 17-18 only.

For FY 18-19, estimates are due by September 2019, and actuals are due by the end of the year (December 2019).

For FY 17-18, estimates & actuals are due together on February 15, 2019. Usually the estimate and actual reporting is separate in NOVA, but for this initial effort (for FY 17-18), we are combining those process and having them due 2/15/19.

Starting in FY 18-19 (reporting for next year), we will have two separate processes, which include the reporting of estimates in September 2019, and then the reporting of actuals in December 2019.

If monies were moved from Q3 after it was reported, the Q3 fiscal report will need to be updated. NOVA is cumulative. No quarter can be less than the previous quarter. The Consortium Lead will have to un-certify the Q3 expenditure reports. The member would then un-submit, make their adjustments, and re-submit. The Lead would then re-certify. Once the Q3 expenditure reports are re-certified, members will be able to submit Q4.
Please note - after changes have been made to Q3, if there are still exclamation points, a budget revision will have to be completed.