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This site is designed for administrators, educators, and prospective and current students. All users can find an adult school or community college in their area, learn about adult education programs and student supports, access program guidance and updates from the CAEP Office.

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Model Program Nomination Open!
Don't miss this golden opportunity to showcase the remarkable progress and innovative strategies your program has implemented throughout the year! We invite you to honor these achievements by submitting your nomination for the Advancing CA Adult Education Model Program Recognition. Join us at the annual CAEP Summit 2024 for a chance to be celebrated by your peers. Hurry, as the nomination window closes on May 30, 2024. Visit our model program nomination portal to discover the criteria and rubric details. Celebrate your program's accomplishments—nominate today!
The Executive Summary - 2022-2023 Annual Plan
We encourage you to carefully peruse the Hanover executive review, which is organized around core topics including strategic objectives, educational requirements, the integration of services, and transitions. Consider the insights from this report while formulating your Annual Plan.
Hanover Executive Summary's; 2022-2023 CAEP Governance Analysis
We are delighted to provide you with the latest analytical insights from Hanover Research. As you delve into the critical task of examining governance frameworks and bylaws, you will find the "Executive Summary - 2022-2023 CAEP Governance Analysis" to be an essential resource. Its relevance and thoroughness are tailored to assist you in this period of strategic review and decision-making.