Leadership isn’t about a title. It’s about impact, influence and inspiration.

–Susan Lytle Gilmore, Ph.D., Director of Adult Education, Sacramento City Unified School District
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AEP Questions and Answers

This is a collection of questions that are most frequently asked of the AEP Office. They are organized by topic area and will be updated as needed.

Fund Sources

Yes – we are tracking all operational costs regardless of fund source. Therefore, this goes beyond AEBG/AEP. This would include any student fees, apportionment, LCFF, grants, donations, etc.

Yes – please include all revenue sources even if they exceed AEBG/AEP funding. We are hoping that your true operational costs will exceed the amount of adult education program funding, as it will show how much leveraging of other fund sources our members are doing with their program.

Yes, we want you to include all non-AEP funds that are used in AEP program areas.

If they are providing services to other members assisting adults in any of the program areas, they should report those funds.

If the funds are used to serve adults in the seven program areas, please report that in NOVA.

Although the hours might not be able to be reported, if you know how much funding is used to support / serve adults in the seven program areas, please report these funds for this exercise.

Correct. This is what was expensed in 17-18. Meaning the cost of running your programs in 17-18. Sometimes you do not spend all of your annual allocation.

Please estimate how much of the funds were used to cover operational costs in 17-18.