Leadership isn’t about a title. It’s about impact, influence and inspiration.

–Susan Lytle Gilmore, Ph.D., Director of Adult Education, Sacramento City Unified School District
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AEP Questions and Answers

This is a collection of questions that are most frequently asked of the AEP Office. They are organized by topic area and will be updated as needed.

Do not use (Due Dates)

The due dates are not aligned yet (3rd Quarter Reports are due 4/30/17, and 4th Quarter Reports are due 8/1/17).

We need this data for legislative reporting - and we need it submitted timely, but we also need accurate data. If you find some flaws in your data after the 8/1 submission date, please work with CASAS to correct them. Keep in mind CASAS is reviewing the data in order to provide us the best info possible for state reporting – so we would anticipate if you had any edits – it would be done relatively quickly – like in early August.

The EOY data submission and reporting pertains to the period of July 1 to June 30. So, if we’re talking about PY 17-18, there should be no hours or any other data from July 2018. Note: the user doesn’t really need to be concerned about this as long as records are dated accurately, because TE EOY reports know to exclude data outside PY 17-18.