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–Susan Lytle Gilmore, Ph.D., Director of Adult Education, Sacramento City Unified School District
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AEP Questions and Answers

This is a collection of questions that are most frequently asked of the AEP Office. They are organized by topic area and will be updated as needed.

Using NOVA

Members will enter the info/data into NOVA under the program area reporting tab.

Yes – please include those on the table in the “Other” drop down box.

No, this should not affect the process. For members who did not receive funding in that fiscal year, reporting will be optional.

The Program Area Report only needs to be certified by the consortium lead after the actuals have been submitted. The consortium lead can un-certify the reports for revisions if necessary.

Yes, this is correct. We are currently working with productOps to allow member contacts to enter and edit information in the report, however only the member representatives can submit the report.

Yes, member districts can have more than one member representative in NOVA.

Please see the drop-down menu in NOVA and include other grants. If the drop down is not an exact match, please pick one that is closest.

You cannot delete an added fund, but you are not required to enter any data for it either. Just leave it blank.

No. Please choose the fund source that most closely fits.

Yes, changing the amounts would cause a problem in previous quarters. The Budget & Workplan would have to be changed to match where the reporting will be.

Here are the steps:

Consortia Lead uncertifies the Budget & Workplan.
Member moves money from the 6000 category to the 4000 category in the amount of the reporting change.
Member submits Budget & Workplan
Consortia Lead recertifies Budget & Workplan.
Once the Budget & Workplan is certified, the consortia lead now needs to uncertify the expense reports for the quarters needing changes (in this case Q1 and Q2)
Member makes necessary changes in Q1 and submits.
Lead will need to certify Q1.
Member can then submit changes for Q2.
Lead will need to certify Q2.
Please note that actions in NOVA are sequential. Changes to Q2 are not able to be made until Q1 is certified.

That should be all that is needed to correct this.

The Primary Contact is unable to submit the Q3 expenditure reports because they are not the first Member Representative listed for the agency. Only the first Member Representative listed has the authority to submit reports. This can be fixed by the Consortia Primary Contact removing all Member Representatives until the authorized Member Representative is listed first. Once the authorized Member Representative is listed first, the Consortia Primary Contact will add the other Member Representatives back to the agency contacts.

As long as the fiscal year is still open, the member will need to go back and fix the quarter that was wrong. It will require the Lead to uncertify the entry before changes can be made.

Please have the member check to make sure the email address showing in NOVA under their Member Representative account is the email address they are using to sign in. In some cases people have multiple email addresses and may be signing in with the incorrect email. The second thing to check is that they are the first Member Representative listed. Only the top Member Representative listed has the authority to submit on behalf of their agency.

For Q4, there is a small checkbox under the totals that members must click certifying that they did not exceed the allowed indirect rate as directed in the Adult Education Program Guidance. This is only required for Q4 submissions. Please check to make sure that box is checked. Once it is checked, the Submit button should be available.

Because NOVA is cumulative, no quarter can be less than the previous reported quarter. If your previously reported expenses for Q3 were reduced due to an error in reporting or a credit, you will need to have the consortium lead uncertify Q3. Once Q3 is uncertified, you can go in and make the corrections, then re-submit. The consortium lead will have to re-certify Q3.