Leadership isn’t about a title. It’s about impact, influence and inspiration.

–Susan Lytle Gilmore, Ph.D., Director of Adult Education, Sacramento City Unified School District
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AEP Questions and Answers

This is a collection of questions that are most frequently asked of the AEP Office. They are organized by topic area and will be updated as needed.


Implementation Training (for anyone involved in testing, including teachers) found here:
Proctor Training (for those administering etests)
Coordinator Training (point person for setting up testing sessions and overseeing etesting)
Both found here:’t forget to have your staff create accounts for themselves on the CASAS website first so they’ll be able to register--

The Adult Ed 101 Resource Page with the links to all of the adult education onboarding resources can be found here on the CAEP Consortia Onboard Resources page of our website.

Your teachers are able to access Google Classroom by creating a public account.

Create a Google account ( with a name that denotes or connotes ""Teacher"" hat students will recognize.

Then they can setup and use classroom on their public Google accounts that end with @gmail.

They can't use the Club - but they can always use the Pub.

Your teachers can attend OTAN Office hours today at 4:00p or Friday at 1:00p. The trainer will be able to assist with setting up Google Classroom.

Your teachers can attend the upcoming Google Classroom webinars on Friday and Monday.

Everyone can register for these opportunities by going to and searching Sponsor "OTAN."