My teachers became my second family. They made me feel a part of something bigger for the first time in my life.

– Juan, Vista Adult School

AEP Questions and Answers

This is a collection of questions that are most frequently asked of the AEP Office. They are organized by topic area and will be updated as needed.

Data Reporting

You can find information about the Employment and Earnings Survey on the CASAS website, here:

In this case, the adult school could not count the students as the college would be providing the teacher on record.

Another option for consideration: The adult school could create additional programs, like contextualized ESL (IET), supportive services, counseling, intro to healthcare careers, workforce prep, ESL /ABE, citizenship, EL civics, etc. to assist with the students enrolling in Medical Assistant Program and count those students for ESL/ABE/ASE/IET/IELCE (WIOA II).

The term concurrent enrollment does not apply here as that pertains to high school students. If these are adults – over 18 – not enrolled at the high school, then yes, it would be appropriate to schedule courses (IET, IELCE, contextualized ESL, ABE/ASE, workforce prep, etc.) to assist those adult school students with the program as a co-enrolled student.