State Center Adult Education Consortium - Fresno City College

Submitted By: Sherri Watkins

State Center Adult Education Consortium


Type of Practice: Learner Transition

Program Area(s): ABE / ASE, ESL / EL Civics / Citizenship, CTE / Workforce Prep / Pre-apprenticeship

Region: Central Valley

Consortia Involved: State Center Adult Education Consortium

The Program of Practice

Fresno City College Adult Education provides comprehensive resources, support, and transition services
to the adult learner population. Partnerships with local adult schools and community organizations
enable students to have equitable access to basic skills training and guided pathways toward their
educational and career goals. A dedicated team of a Coordinator, Counselors, Faculty, and IT Specialist specialize in assisting adults with transition to college.

The Response

Need for the Program
After analyzing enrollment data, as well as qualitive data from focus groups, surveys, and workshop
evaluations, it was determined that many adults lacked the required skills to be successful in college
(English language skills, computer literacy skills, and the ability to understand the college culture). Other
barriers identified by faculty, staff, community member, and students, including access to courses,
transportation, financial resources, and assistance with transition. Fresno City College’s comprehensive
adult education program serves students at the adult school and in the community by offering programs
and courses to break down these barriers. These include providing ESL courses, HiSet preparation,
Counseling 350 courses, Dual Enrollment SB554, and CDCP Certificates (all no cost options).

The Unique Features of the Program

Pathway Project at Fresno Adult School
Fresno City College offers courses at Fresno Adult School in the Business and Health Pathway. Courses
include Medical Terminology, where students receive dual credit for Fresno Adult School’s LVN program
and Allied Health programs at Fresno City College. Other courses include the ability to obtain a
Community College Certificate in Business Software Applications. Fresno City College also offers a
Counseling 350 course (College Transition and Success) at Fresno Adult School, where students obtain
the skills and knowledge needed to understand the College Culture and prepare them for transitioning
to FCC.
English for Multi-Language Students
Fresno City College has a history of offering EMLS Non-Credit and For-Credit courses at Adult Schools
and community agencies. These courses provide student an opportunity to learn the English Language
in courses that include Pronunciation, Reading and Writing, and Grammar. These courses have been
and will be offered at Fresno, Clovis, and Central Adult Schools, as well as the Sikh Institute, City of
Kerman, the Fresno Center (Serving the Southeast Asian population), and Biola Community Center.

Fresno City College offers a HiSET course which prepares students to pass the California High School
Equivalency exam. This course is free of charge to students and is held in-person at Fresno City College
and online. This course is also held at the Fresno Mission, which is a shelter/program for homeless men.
As part of the Mission partnership, Fresno City College has a yearly “Signing” event, where the men sign
a letter of intent to complete their High School Equivalency and transition to Fresno City College. This
event has garnered attention and has been covered by local media.

CDCP Certificates
Fresno City College has developed Career Development and College Preparation Certificates (CDCP) to
provide adults with the basic skills to be successful in transitioning to college. These certificates include
a Computer Fundamentals course, which instructs students about technology needed in college and the
workplace. This course, combined with an EMLS course and/or a College Transition and Success course
(Counseling 350), enables students to be awarded an Essential Skills for College and Career Success
Certificate. Just approved has been a VESL (Vocational English as a Second Language) course, which can
be tailored toward a particular career pathway.
Fresno City College Adult Education has a website where potential and current students can obtain
information about what is offered. This website includes information about Fresno City College’s HiSET
preparation course, EMLS courses, SB554 (application for download and steps), Non-Credit courses,
Guided Pathways, CTE programs, and Partnerships. Fresno City College Adult Education has also created
marketing materials and is currently working on social media presence.
General Transition Services
Fresno City College has a dedicated staff devoted to Adult Education. This includes a Coordinator, three
part-time Counselors, and an IT Coordinator. The staff, including the Counselors, specialize in the needs
of the adult learner. Languages spoken by the staff include Spanish, Hmong, and Armenian. These
Counselors work closely with the SCAEC Transition Specialist to onboard students. The Coordinator and
Counselors have regular office hours at the Adult Schools, where they meet with students individually,
as well as facilitate informational, application, and orientation workshops. Based on data and the needs
of the population, Fresno City College will be hiring a full-time Counselor in Spring of 2023.

The Outcome

Fresno City College collaborates with State Center Adult Education Consortium on a variety of projects, including planning and facilitating workshops and events. For example, Fresno City College has presented at CAEP Conferences with the SCAEC on transitioning students to college. Fresno City College also works with the SCAEC to facilitate a Data Workgroup, which includes staff from State Center Community Colleges to create a more seamless way of providing referrals and capturing data. Fresno City College and SCAEC hosts a Curriculum Alignment workshop, where faculty and staff from the regional adult schools and community colleges work together to create seamless pathways for students to transition, including SB554 students, non-credit courses, EMLS, courses, and for-credit courses.
SCCCD and SCAEC have worked together to facilitate a College Showcase, which includes administration, faculty, and staff from the regional adult schools so they can gain information about SCCCD program, including Dual Enrollment, Non-Credit options, CTE, Financial Aid, Special Programs. Fresno City College also hosts an Open House for all adult school student to come on campus to meet with counselors, take tours, and gain information from various guided pathways, special programs, and financial aid resources.

PARTNERS – FCC provides Non-Credit Business Pathway, HiSET, EMLS, and College Success Courses,
SB554 Dual Enrollment, as well as general transition support to:
Community Partners
Catholic Charities
Fresno Mission
Sikh Institute Fresno
City of Kerman
Big Picture Academy
Biola Community Center
Fresno Center
Wholesale Grocers Association – English at Work
Fresno County Libraries
Reading and Beyond
Turning Point of Central California
Workforce Connection
K16 Collaborative
Fresno County Office of Adult in Corrections

Adult School Partners
Fresno Adult School
Central Adult School
Clovis Adult School
Caruthers Adult School
Washington Union Adult School